About Us

Salisbury Electronics & Computers has become a varied mixture of sales and service; it is an institution that helps take you from yesterday into tomorrow. It offers everything from record needles to computer peripherals. SC&E sells items such as: new and used computers, laptops, and monitors, ink cartridges, batteries, CDs/DVDs, remotes, printers, an assortment of cables, phones and gadgets of all kinds. Also, for kids and avid collectors there is a large selection of remote control cars, trucks planes and rockets.

Salisbury Electronics & Computers, originally known as Salisbury Electronics Repair was registered November 29, 1991 . The doors were first officially opened to the public on January 15, 2001. The business began in a small building beside the owner’s (Patrick Last) home, totally 236 square feet. During its infant years, Salisbury Electronics & Computers focused on repairing T.V.s, VCRs, antiques, and radios - most electronic household items. As the business grew computer sales and service were incorporated into its original model. It was this change that prompted the name to change from Salisbury Electronics Repair to its current name, Salisbury Electronics & Computers (SE&C).

On June 1, 2003 SE&C grew to the point where a substantial location change was needed, it was on this date that the business moved from the small building outside of Patrick’s home to a unit in the Salisbury mall. A few short months later, in November SE&C became and Radio Shack Direct Dealer (now The Source), steadily bringing in their line of unique electronic products. With continued growth throughout the years the business was incorporated under the name Make It Last Inc, this occurred in 2009. Over the following three years there was even more growth which warranted a move to SE&C current location. Salisbury Electronics & Computers now resides and on 3134 Main street where it continues to grow and serve the rural community.

Salisbury Electronics & Computers has been happy to serve the Salisbury and surrounding communities for almost 14 years and are glad to continue doing so for years to come.